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Get the MyOwnASP Advantage

Are you tired of hosting companies that don’t deliver what they promise?

  • Uptimes that are less than satisfactory (very low reliability)
  • Your hosting plan is breaking your budget
  • You’re not convinced that your data is secure because you’re on a shared server
  • You can’t access your information from anywhere in the world at anytime

Now’s the time to get the MyOwnASP Advantage

Impeccable Uptime offers impeccable uptime of 99.99%. With such an amazing uptime, you won’t have to worry about employees not being able to access company information which will keep productivity levels high.

Reasonably Priced Hosting Packages is client-friendly, that means they offer their clients packages that won’t break the bank. Sage Hosting is available in a number of different package sizes starting with Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500 on up to Sage X3. With so much flexibility, you’ll be able to choose exactly the right hosting option for you and your company.

Only Dedicated Servers at

Location, location, location! It’s all about location and who’s living in your neighborhood. Shared servers can spell big trouble for honest websites. Plus, with a dedicated server, is able to host many third party software applications that require a dedicated server mac address, something you can’t get with a shared server.

24/7 Accessibility with the Cloud

So, you’ve traveled to Zimbabwe on business and you need to access company financials but it’s nine in the morning there, and midnight back in California. No sweat! With cloud accessibility via, you can access your information quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Due to’s high speed connections and dedicated servers, we are able to offer our clients this unique, productivity-enhancing feature.

Still have some questions about the advantage? Call 1-800-521-7322 today and talk with one of our consultants.


Hosting Providers are Not Created Equal

When it comes to hosting providers, one size does NOT fit all! To many it might seem that they might as well just close their eyes and pick one, but with a little bit of research and knowledge, it’s easy to see that all hosting providers are not created equal.

Just as companies within a specific industry are not the same, hosting providers offer different services and levels of customer service. You would not expect a company in the manufacturing industry to provide you with a quote on how much it would cost to steam clean your carpets. It’s the same with hosting providers and in the case of, we provide our clients with premium knowledge and services revolving around Sage ERP application hosting.

Certified Engineers

When you expect the best, you get the best and we, in turn, give our best to our clients. Need help with your ERP application? We have certified engineers on hand to assist you. We know you’re in a hurry (who isn’t?) that’s why our average response time is less than 20 minutes.

No Shared Servers

No shared servers, ever! Many of our competitors use shared servers because it saves money and effort. But, we know that it inhibits progress and accessibility for our clients. Because we don’t use shared servers, we can easily host most 3rd party software that needs a unique server mac address.

Get the Most out of Your Hosting Provider

When you pay for a service, you don’t want to have to worry about how well it’s doing. With, you won’t ever have to worry. We’ve got you covered! Some of the advantages of hosting with us include:

  • A dedicated server environment with administrative access
  • Hosting of most third-party applications
  • 24/7 Connectivity Support
  • You own all of your data
  • Support for all web browsers
  • Microsoft license management via our Service Provider License
  • Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft, including SQL for SQL-based applications
  • Inherently mapping all printer and network drives upon first login
  • 99.99% Uptime.
  • State of the art security
  • Provide 99.99% uptime
  • Backups are held for 15 days
  • Constant monitoring of servers, disk space and firewalls for intrusion attempts
  • 256-bit encryption with access to the hosting environment through dual layer security
  • Virus protection on all servers and utilize proxy server technology for additional security
  • PCI Compliant & SSL environment for all clients
  • Frequently review of disaster recovery plans to meet and exceed industry and customer expectations

If your company uses an ERP application and you need a solid, reliable hosting provider, choose for complete satisfaction. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-521-7322.


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The World Never Sleeps; and Your Business Shouldn’t Either

Change is Great

100 years ago, even 50 years ago, the world was not was as fiendishly quick as it is today. The business world has leaped into the new millennium via fantastic technology never known before. Cell phones, tablets, Kindles, laptops, Skype, Lasik, GPS, all are examples of technology making people’s lives more convenient. And change is good, right?

Trust your Sage software to a Sage Partner

When you host your Sage software with, you can run circles around your competition. Why? Because our engineers are all trained in the technical aspects of each Sage software product we host.  Your hosting environment is optimized for your business so you don’t have to worry.  In addition, you can access your software from any device when you host with us.

Don’t Worry, Your Data is All Backed Up

When you use’s hosting services, you can rest assured that all of your data is always backed up. We know that your data translates to the company itself, that’s why it’s backed up every day. We maintain backups for a full 15 days, if you require more time, we offer it at an additional cost.

Trust Our Never-Fail Foolproof Firewall

Intrinsically, companies acquire a lot of sensitive information when it comes to their employees, payroll and other private financial information. We invested in a Cisco Backbone so we can provide you with multiple layers of security that even provides data protection if the firewall goes offline.

Let’s face it, the world never sleeps, and your business shouldn’t either. Whether you are in Los Angeles, Milan, Tokyo or Detroit, when you host with us, you’re propelling your business into the future by giving yourself the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.


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Host Your Sage Business Applications with Because We Are Certified in Every Sage Product We Host

Expect the Best; Get the Best Your Company deserves the world. It deserves a hosting company that is a few steps ahead – and apart – from other hosting companies. Because there are so many hosting companies, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between them, to know who to trust with your livelihood, with your hard work, with your dreams. is a hosting company that clearly stands apart from the competition as we are certified in each Sage product that we host. What does that mean, exactly? It means we know the product technically inside and out, and we have a certified team of engineers that can answer any questions you might have along the way.

Protect Your Business As companies all across the world are delving deeper and deeper into the online environment, it’s important to host with a company that has a proven track record of providing not only superior service, but also reliable and consistent uptime so your company is continuously well-represented. Our uptime is 99.99% and we operate in a SSAE 16 Type 3 data center which means your business data is secure.   Customer Service that is Second to None

Have you noticed how – as we hurtle deeper and deeper into the 21st century – customer service seems to have gone by the wayside? At, our unparalleled expertise in hosting the entire suite of Sage products (Sage 50Sage 100Sage 300, Sage 500, and Sage ERP X3) allows us to help our clients when they need it most. No more waiting out in the cold trying to find someone higher and higher up the ladder to “try” and answer your questions, our consultants help you right away so your “human” downtime is extremely limited.

A Dedicated Server for Every Hosting Customer

Another factor that sets apart from the slew of hosting companies out there is that we offer our hosting customers their own dedicated servers. Unheard of? Not here! That means you’ll never have to deal with having your data hidden in a server farm. Need hosting for other 3rd party applications, as well? We’ve got you covered. Call us at 800-521-7322 to talk about how we can help you with hosting your Sage solutions today!

By Alan Segars, Hosting specialist at, leading provider of hosted Sage ERP Solutions in the United States and Canada.

Remember Peachtree? It’s now Sage 50 Accounting!

For years, Peachtree has been the trusted accounting software for millions of companies worldwide with 50 or fewer employees. Peachtree still exists, it’s now called Sage 50 Accounting, and it’s just as dynamic and easy-to-use as ever before! Whether you want to simplify your payroll, eliminate manual data entry or even access the Sage 50 software anywhere, anytime, you can do it all with Sage 50 Accounting!

Sage 50 Accounting, formerly Peachtree, comes in three different levels to best suit your business needs.

  • Sage 50 Pro Accounting organizes your finances, pay your bills and get paid, and manage your cash flow and costs.
  • Sage 50 Premium Accounting allows you to plan and track your inventory, manage jobs and expenses and you can even add more users and controls.
  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting gives you Enterprise-level accounting with fast processing, industry-specific features and up to 40 users.

Sage 50 Accounting is still the market leader when it comes to company accounting. And, being the leaders, they have received numerous accolades from satisfied customers. You can’t go wrong with Sage 50 Accounting because the software is designed specifically for small and midsized companies and comes with a reasonable price tag. Produce reports easily and get a quick snapshot of the business as a whole whenever you need it, whether you’re home, at the office or traveling abroad.

Increase your company efficiency by implementing the Sage 50 Accounting software. Utilize the software simultaneously with coworkers and work on separate tasks. This saves time and money – two of the most important elements of any company. Accounting tasks used to take a lot of time and create lots of headaches with more effort needed than necessary. Sage 50 Accounting software allows users to work smoothly and seamlessly throughout the day, and month end? Toss the aspirin because closing the month out is as easy as pie.

Are you still using a manual accounting system? Don’t you think it’s time to step into the 21st century and say goodbye to the old spreadsheet method of accounting? Do yourself and your company a favor, implement Sage 50 Accounting software and you’ll notice right away how your efficiency and productivity spike beyond what you ever before thought possible.

For further information on Sage 50 or to learn more about our private cloud hosting offering for Sage 50 please call us at (770) 569-5889.


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QuickBooks Hosting Basics

What if there was a way to access all of the features and power of your QuickBooks at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and from any Internet connection in the world? Would that be fantastic? Well now, there finally is a way.

The above scenario is exactly what accounting professionals get with QuickBooks hosting—the power of QuickBooks in the cloud. QuickBooks hosting offers all of the same robust features as desktop versions of the software, but virtual hosting can also offer additional benefits.

In short, QuickBooks hosting is a secure cloud that is fully set up and optimized for QuickBooks applications. Now, instead of businesses being constrained by their office computers and being limited in how, where, and when staff can access QuickBooks, companies can now have access via the cloud. That means multiple users can access data from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. THAT is empowering!

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting is truly a cutting edge, revolutionary concept for the 21st century. Accounting professionals are now able to save an inordinate amount of time, resources, energy, and money.

With QuickBooks hosting, organizations no longer need to spend funds on massive or multiple servers at their on-site locations. All hosting is done by a third-party provider.

Accountants can collaborate on documents more effectively with clients, or they can collaborate with other users from multiple locations in real time. This allows businesses to concentrate on serving clients and working more effectively instead of dealing with issues accessing QuickBooks only from an office computer, one user at a time. In addition, there is no need to handle technical software issues yourself, as the third-party provider offers customer support.

Users can access QuickBooks from web-enabled sources including Linux, Windows, Mac desktops, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones.

All of the company’s data is backed up on the cloud; consequently, information to the organization is never lost due to on-site hardware malfunctions, cyber attacks, or natural disasters.


What to Look for in a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

When searching for a QuickBooks Hosting Provider, it is important to find a company that offers the best user experience. Here are a few additional things to look out for:

  1. Avoid companies that use shared servers. By doing so, it guarantees an added layer of protection and also keeps all data confidential, safe, and secure.
  2. In addition, ideally one should find a company using multiple servers, which delivers even better redundancy and avoids data loss.
  3. Although it’s virtually impossible to find a company that guarantees a 100% uptime, finding a provider with as close to a 100% uptime as possible is ideal.
  4. Search for companies who have an “Authorized Commercial Hosting” designation for Intuit.
  5. And finally, the adage “you get what you pay for” is true. An extremely “bargain basement” price may not guarantee good customer service, good customer support, or even a good product. Always equate overall price to overall value.

By Alan Segars, Hosting specialist at, leading provider of hosted Sage ERP Solutions in the United States and Canada.


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Is Sage 50 Hosting Right for Your Company?

Formerly known as Peachtree, Sage 50 is an accounting solution that is recommended for organizations with 50 or less employees. It provides the necessary accounting functions and tools an experienced accountant or bookkeeper would need in order to run an organization, but also offers an easy, functional process and intuitive interface to simplify the overall accounting process. Business owners and accountants can manage cash flow, collections, budgets, payments and taxes all in the same software. Also, Sage 50 offers inventory and report options to make the accounting process and business management process easier.

How is hosted Sage 50 beneficial for you?

There are a plethora of advantages for organizations utilizing Sage 50 hosting. By using Sage 50 hosting, an organization can access their software and data from any device and any location in the world — as long as there is an Internet connection. Users can access data from their in-office computers, smart phone devices while traveling, and laptops at home.

By having instantaneous access to Sage 50 hosting, organizations have unlimited capabilities. Data that is hosted through the right solution, like MyOwnASP, can be edited in real-time along with clients and other in-house staff members. Excel spreadsheets and figures no longer have to be emailed — they can be accessed directly in the Sage 50 hosting network. Organizations also don’t have to submit flash drives or print large reports to submit to their accountants or tax professionals; instead, these users can be given special permissions to access the data they need in the system directly.

Security and Hosting

The biggest concern for organizations today is security. Hosting an accounting software solution means that sensitive financial information is accessible from virtually anywhere. A lot of organizations assume that it is easier for hackers and identity thieves to access information through a hosted network, but the fact of the matter is information is more secure in a hosting environment than stored in-house. The average internal framework for an organization lacks the complexity to ward off sophisticated hackers and organizations are at higher risk for data breaches using an internal framework than outside hosting.


By hosting your accounting solution through MyOwnASP you receive a higher level of security than most organizations can obtain in-house. According to recent studies, organizations in the United States are attacked on an average of two million times per week. By utilizing a team of certified and highly trained engineers, data protection is at the forefront of their day-to-day tasks. Engineers employ top-level authentication protocols and use state-of-the-art data monitoring programs to ensure an organization’s data is secure at all times. Information is stored on highly protected data servers that are stored in state-of-the-art, high security facilities.


With the average cost of a single cyber-attack being about $300,000 according to IBM , it is imperative that small organizations protect their client and company data using a reliable hosting service. A reliable provider can host an organization’s software solution, protect mission critical data, and provide a more efficient way to conduct business. By having access to the latest technology, smaller organizations can also remain competitive against big organizations in the same industry. For more information about hosting through MyOwnASP visit our website at


By Alan Segars, Hosting specialist at, leading provider of hosted Sage ERP Solutions in the United States and Canada.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Sage 50 Hosting


The Nuts and Bolts of Sage 50 Hosting

You probably already know how important Sage 50 can be to your business and bottom line. Offering sound financial management for both small and midsize businesses, Sage 50 is used for a variety of business entities including non-profits and wholesale trade companies. Everything from accounting, payroll, billing, customer and inventory management is included in Sage 50.

What you might not know is that cloud-based environments can be used to host Sage 50. Yes, it’s true—with Sage 50 Hosting, organizations can still utilize the power of Sage on the cloud.

Instead of limiting Sage 50 applications to your hard drive, you can now use the cloud. Through a secured website, multiple users around the globe can access Sage 50 from any Internet access point. Access is obtained with a username and password login. With multiple servers available, users always have access to files in the event one of the servers malfunctions or is inoperable. This level of redundancy ensures information is secure.

Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

Sage 50 Hosting offers lower costs, and can be integrated easily with multiple other software applications, including Microsoft Office. As stated previously, multiple users always have access to Sage 50 via the cloud. Information can be accessed via storage on the cloud regardless of any technical computer difficulties, catastrophic hardware failures, or even in the event of natural disaster. The servers constantly back up data online so no files are lost. And the flexibility organizations have is tremendous—multiple users have instantaneous access from any Internet source.

Sage 50 Hosting allows organizations to save substantially and increase their revenue on an annual basis. Companies don’t need to invest in additional IT hardware or infrastructure because all of the hosting is done through third-party servers.

Sage 50 hosting is a fantastic option for organizations that need to have real-time access from any Internet access point, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with real-time collaboration between multiple end users.

Choosing a Good Sage 50 Hosting Provider

When searching for a quality Sage 50 Hosting Provider, there are a few things one should consider. Of course, each individual company may have its own criteria for evaluating host providers. The following list is merely a starting point but the answers will help you determine which hosting provider you should go with:

  1. Look at the company’s track record. Are they an industry leader? Or are they the “new kids on the block?” While it may not be the case, a newer company may have “growing pains” issues that have yet to be resolved. As a result, the company’s clients may be adversely affected.


  1. Is the company certified and/or authorized for Sage 50? A certification in Sage 50 hosting ensures the company is highly qualified to address any potential issues that may arise.


  1. Are both customer service and technical support departments ready to assist the company? Both are critical factors whenever researching Sage 50 host providers.


  1. Is the price competitive? Price should not be the only consideration when evaluating potential Sage 50 hosts. There should be a direct correlation between value and quality received and price of the product.


  1. Does the company have dependable uptimes? While no company can guarantee a 100% uptime, finding a company with a 99% uptime is ideal.

A good way to try it out is to get started with our demo which will address any additional questions you may have.

By Alan Segars, Hosting specialist at, leading provider of hosted Sage ERP Solutions in the United States and Canada.


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What you need to consider when you’re looking for a hosting provider

If you are looking into moving your ERP solution to a cloud hosting provider there are several factors to consider besides price.

How secure is your data? A cloud provider should be able to supply you with an audit from their data center.  Also make sure that you are provided a dedicated server with administrative rights to the server.  Many cloud hosting providers will put you into a server farm where you will be sharing with other companies.

What are the uptime stats for the provider?  The cloud hosting provider should be able to supply you with the amount of unscheduled down time they have had during certain periods.  Cloud hosting providers should provide you with times where there will be maintenance done to your server.  If you are in a server farm situation you will subject to when other companies sharing the server need some maintenance done to that server.

Does the cloud hosting provider have a Service License Agreement?  This legal agreement should be review by your legal team to ensure it protects your rights to the server and your data.  It will also provide you with proper actions to take if you consider not hosting with the provider any longer.


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Why Cloud Hosting Makes Sense

The following are just some of the reasons why having your ERP solution hosted by is good for your business:
No Server Maintenance Costs – You no longer have to manage your own servers. Your server is located in our secure data center. You have full administrative rights to the server and as always the data is yours.
Reduced IT Costs – By having your ERP solution hosted by this allows your IT consultants to focus on other tasks than having to worry about networking or your servers.
Remote Access– You will have 24/7 access to your ERP solution as long as you have an internet connection. This allows you to have your employees work remotely and gain access easier. With our dual level security login your security is our #1 concern.
Data Back-Ups– No more having to worry about data. We offer full backups for 15 days. We also have a backup data center to that allows us to copy your data to redundancy location. This means that your data is copied to at least two locations, so if one fails you still haven’t lost anything.


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