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Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

Why Sage 50 Hosting Is Right for Your Company 

Sage 50 is an accounting solution that is recommended for businesses and organizations with 50 or less employees. Sage 50 provides the necessary accounting tools and functions that an experienced accountant or bookkeeper needs in order to efficiently run an organization. It also offers an easy, functional process and intuitive interface to simplify the overall accounting process. Business owners and accountants can manage cash flow, collections, budgets, payments and taxes all within the same software. Sage 50 also offers inventory and report options to make the accounting process and business management process easier.

Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

By using Sage 50 hosting, an organization can access their software and data from any device and any location in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection. Users can access data from their in-office computers, smart phone devices while traveling, and laptops at home.

By having access to Sage 50 hosting 24 hours a day 7 days a week, organizations have unlimited capabilities. Data that is hosted through the right solution, like, can be edited in real-time along with clients and other in-house staff members. Excel spreadsheets and figures no longer have to be emailed they can be accessed direct.  With having their Sage 50 hosted businesses now don’t have to submit flash drives or print large reports to submit to their accountants or tax professionals.  They can give special permissions to these users to access the data they need in the system directly.

 Security and Sage 50 Hosting

On of the biggest concern for organizations today is internet security. Hosting an accounting software solution means that sensitive financial information is accessible from virtually anywhere.  Many organizations assume that it is easier for hackers and identity thieves to access their information through a hosted network, but the fact is information is more secure in a Sage 50 hosting environment than stored in-house. The average internal framework for a business  lacks the complexity to ward off sophisticated hackers and businesses are at higher risk for data breaches using an internal framework than outside hosting.

Sage 50 hosting through offers a higher level of security than most businesses can provide on premise. According to recent studies, businesses in the United States are attacked on an average of two million times per week. engineers employ top-level authentication protocols and use state-of-the-art data monitoring programs to ensure an organization’s data is secure at all times. Information is stored on highly protected data servers that are stored in state-of-the-art, high security facilities.

According to IBM the average cost of a single cyber-attack is about $300,000. It is imperative that small businesses protect their client and company data using ‘s Sage 50 hosting service. can host an business’s software solution, protect mission critical data, and provide a more efficient way to conduct business. By having access to the latest technology, smaller organizations can also remain competitive against big organizations in the same industry. For more information about Sage 50 hosting visit our website at


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