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Data Security and

As a Sage Diamond Partner and leading provider of Sage ERP hosting, makes the security of your hosted solution and data the #1 priority. We take pride in providing a top level secure private cloud so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your data is safe.

When you choose to host your Sage ERP solution in a private cloud, you can expect that your data is hosted in a highly secure environment which meets all the stringent security standards required by businesses today. This includes:

• 2 SSAE 16 Certified US Based Data Centers based in Norcross, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.
• Backups are held for 15 days, with off-site backups through our data center, or through other off-site backup providers with whom contracts.
• Uptime of 99.93%. This standard has been in place for all our business customers since 2009, with only 107 minutes of unscheduled downtime since then. We provide you with advance notice on scheduled downtime. Quarterly maintenance of up to six hours is carried out on weekends.
• Uptime and disk space are continually monitored, and firewalls monitor constantly for intrusion attempts.
• 128 bit Login encryption. Access to the hosting environment is through dual layer security.
• Virus protection is provided on all servers and utilizes proxy server technology for additional security.
• PCI Compliant & Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is in place for all clients.
• Frequent review and updating of the disaster recovery plan provides Sage ERP hosted solutions to organizations around the world that are ready to take advantage of technology advances to drive their businesses growth.

Stop by the booth #725 at Sage Summit 2014 in Las Vegas. Talk to Alan, Dennis or Stan about moving your Sage ERP system to the Cloud.


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