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Is it time to move your ERP system to the cloud?

Several factors can influence whether the time is right to move your ERP system to the cloud. Many customers who are using older servers and considering upgrading to the latest versions of their Sage ERP software are realizing that new servers are required to run the application. At, we recommend that they move their ERP system to the cloud and bypass the hardware acquisition as this not only saves time and money but it also allows greater access to data and a shorter implementation time.

Another factor is to consider is the IT budget. This typically includes the purchase of hardware, maintenance thereof, Microsoft Office licenses and the secure location for all of your hardware. By moving your ERP system to the cloud you no longer have to worry about these issues and can focus more on your business and what you should be investing in to grow.

Along with the factors mentioned above you gain better access to your data. With cloud implementations, you have access to your data 24/7 provided you have an internet connection. An important consideration to keep in mind when you host your ERP is the requirement for 3rd party business solutions. At, we provide this service via a dedicated server for your business so your transition to the cloud is seamless to your business. provides Sage ERP hosted solutions to organizations around the world who are ready to take advantage of technology advances to drive their businesses growth. We will be at Sage Summit in Las Vegas, so stop by our booth to speak with Alan, Dennis or Stan about moving your ERP system to the Cloud.

Stop by the booth #725 at Sage Summit 2014 in Las Vegas to learn more about the advantages of moving your ERP solution to the cloud. We are a Sage Diamond Partner and are the leading provider of Sage ERP hosting in the country.


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