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What you need to consider when you’re looking for a hosting provider

If you are looking into moving your ERP solution to a cloud hosting provider there are several factors to consider besides price.

How secure is your data? A cloud provider should be able to supply you with an audit from their data center.  Also make sure that you are provided a dedicated server with administrative rights to the server.  Many cloud hosting providers will put you into a server farm where you will be sharing with other companies.

What are the uptime stats for the provider?  The cloud hosting provider should be able to supply you with the amount of unscheduled down time they have had during certain periods.  Cloud hosting providers should provide you with times where there will be maintenance done to your server.  If you are in a server farm situation you will subject to when other companies sharing the server need some maintenance done to that server.

Does the cloud hosting provider have a Service License Agreement?  This legal agreement should be review by your legal team to ensure it protects your rights to the server and your data.  It will also provide you with proper actions to take if you consider not hosting with the provider any longer.


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